Looks whos knocking..

In all my travels and especially bird tours, I see amazing birds and mostly at interesting areas starting with my own garden. Journeys we take start from home..

Today I inspired by a particular bird that represents intrigue and a blast from my/our childhood.. remember Woody Woodpecker? I have 2 varieties (species).. lucky :).

Malaysia is home to about 26 species of ‘woodpeckers’. They belong to a family of birds Picidae (pi-c-day-ee). This family of birds include species from Wrynecks, Yellownapes, Piculets, Flamebacks and woodpeckers.

Please use google images.. check out these amazing birds and even how they don’t suffer from massive headaches and migraines from all that head-banging. Go to my FB for a wonderful description on this (I don’t really know how to embed a video file here :).

Why they seemingly whack their heads against trees/dead logs? Nest or for a meal?? A: Its mostly for a meal, they chip away to get to termites and insects hiding in barks and trunks of trees and nests. Around breeding season, they carve out a nice hole (or modify) for nesting..

I my journeys so far, I have had the pleasure to have seen all 26 species but I must remind myself, have I really observed? Not too late, we can always start..


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