My Malaysian Journey


Till today, unashamed and downright proud, I would admit to the world that I have only read 1 book cover to cover!! It was years+years+year ago, between some law books and my field guides on birds that I met an interesting man, quite famous too. He has been working overseas and had come back to Malaysia when he decided to travel and explore his country..his Malaysian Journey! Rehman Rashid not only wrote about train journeys and the typically Malaysian folks he meets at street corners, villages etc, he wrote about being amazed and mystified even about his very own backyard. He mixed politics, social issues and he told the world about places where time had stood still (some till today). I was sold! 23 years years on, I am still as thrilled about places that I visit for the first time and it started with a book that gave way to loving the road less traveled. Q: What book comes to your mind, tell me people?


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